Friday, 25 May 2012

Trying out a new method of scaling the time spent on each study, with the idea being that the first few will act as gestures for approximating colour choice and placement (as in building with shapes rather than line), and working up to longer studies more focused on accurate colour transitions etc, whilst also allowing for form correction. In other words, I did several 5-15 minute colour studies, then chose which I wanted to continue with and worked on that for a further 30 mins, in this case totaling at 45mins. All studies are Game of Thrones screenshots.
Also attachted are a quick nude sketch from imagination, trying to work out facial complexion in overcast conditions (developing from what I had observed in the Robb Stark screenshot study, or so that was the intention - and yes, I left out the eyes due to time constraints), and of course, a [heavily armoured axe-wielding psychopath] knight for fun.

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