Saturday, 9 June 2012

More enviro-study...

Only months ago studying "enviro" meant number cruching about ventilation, thermal masses, daylight, sunlight, artificial light etc. Glad to be done with that for a while!

Still working away at the landscapes, though I feel I've still quite a way to go yet. The way I see it the important part is getting the big picture together value-wise, but saturation is the killer, between the effects of atmoshperic perspctive and the shadows cast by clouds on large landscapes (and I seem to be avoiding clouds aswell which isnt helping). That being said I feel I'm staring to get the big shapes and values down right sooner in the studies, still have yet to get it in the imaginative enviros though, but that will come with practice and research (I've been consulting James Gurney's "Colour and Light" which is a great help too):

The first landscape took approx 2 hours, the rock formations were about 30mins each and the rocky valleys about 45mins each.

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