Thursday, 2 August 2012

I really have to stop honing in on anything too early, and just work up everything in a piece consistently.  I've noticed that I get start to think a piece just isnt working too soon, and more often than not it's simply because I haven't even bothered blocking in, let alone rendering another part of it.

Anyway, needed to type that to try and encourage it to stick in my head. Again, I've slipped off track and found myself slacking. Had to throw some sketches up to get my mind back into the swing of things somehow.

Here's a pile of faces compiled over the last week or so, mostly 10 mins each, about half from imagination half from ref (mostly photo, though there's the odd Wes Burt or Alex Paschenko in there too). Also, a nude study since I have'nt done one in months, some quick landscape studies, and some sketches (in the case of the one with the girl in the trees, the quicker B+W is a crit I just did myself).

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