Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Woah, long time no post. Mostly since the last update I've been busy at the atelier. I hit some serious snags resulting from some real basic errors and misunderstanding of values which really slowed progress on the last cast to a glacial pace. However as you can see that's since been overcome and I've completed that cast (though I still don't know his name) and have since moved on to producing a cast drawing of Bernini's "Constanza". The two full rendered figures were last terms two long poses, however, since completing them I've changed and adopted a contour based approach which has been exponentially more effective as I found out with the following two short poses. This method produces a two tone line drawing which could be called finished in its own right (as seen below), or used to form a really solid foundation for rendering on top of (as the flat tone and line alone can produce an illusion of form). Plus as an added bonus it's given me a chance to really work out the mechanics of line (though I've still a ways to go), which in turn has led to an instant improvement in my imaginative sketches (to be uploaded shortly). Also attatched is a skeleton exercise done over one of the aforementioned poses, a sketch for the "Time Warriors" Bloodsport, and my rushed entries to the "Bestmasters" Bloodsport (which I intend to revisit).

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