Sunday, 15 December 2013

Three hundred minutes more... or 10 more spitpaints. Hectic days due to college means that I've started to find it difficult some days to maintain the focus to carry this out daily. Sometimes I won't post to the facebook group, but even then I've still probably spent half an hour getting frustrated over photoshop but not recording the results. It's still all part of the "relaxation" that these paintings are part of, since I spend the day getting frustrated over conceptual architecture, 30 minutes at night getting frustrated over concept art enables me to distance myself from the days work and somehow relax...

anyway, here's what you came for...
"Biker Sheep"
"God of Winter"
 "Magnetic mountain"
"Ornate Armour" (2)
"Ornate Armour" (1)
 "Plague Winds"
"Three Headed Ogre"
 "Tentacle Man"
"Weather Man"

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