Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Here's the latest batch of 30minute spitpaints. I had to break the daily routine with these due to some college deadlines. In the case of one of these I was disappointed with the 30 minute result, but enjoyed the subject so had to spend another 30 mins of polish.

"Entrance to the Dark Castle"

"Robot Lady"

"Robot Lady" V2.0

"Robot Lady" V2.5 (30 minutes more)

"Armoured Boar"

 "Wooden Knight"

"Wooden Knight" 2

"Satellite Dishes"

 "Into the Marshlands"


 "King Toad"

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

First post of 2014 brings 10 more 30minute spitpaints! As usual topics taken from those generated by the facebook group on a daily basis, but having extra time due to holidays I could afford to try some topics more than once. Also, having noticed something of a compositional comfort zone emerging (low camera, character posed heroically etc.) I've tried to push myself with some of these, although I feel I may have been a little over ambitious in one or two, ah well, at a half hour each it can't hurt to test oneself.

"Ancient Yeti" 

"Ancient Yeti"

"Raging Ogre"

"Russian Soldier"

 "Russian Soldier"

 "Spherical Computers"

"Weird Cloud Formation"

"Witch Hunter"

"Witch Hunter"

"Dwarf King"