Sunday, 30 March 2014

Here's the latest batch of 30min spitpaints. Beginning with the extended cut version (30 + 30mins) of the shadow dragon from the last update:

"Shadow Drake" (60min version)

"Big Gun"

"Demons' Gate" 1 

"Demons' Gate" 2

"Elephant Rider" 

 "Ice Dragon"

"Ice Dragon" (60min version)

"Ascending Soul" 1 

"Ascending Soul" 1 

"Ascending Soul" 2

"Jack Pumpkinhead"

 "Winter Soldier" 1

"Winter Soldier" 2 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

More spitpaints, some playing with multiple themes and some developed past the 30 min mark (mostly 30 mins more):

"Attack of the 50ft woman" & "Hunter"

"Angel of Battle"

"Camoflage Clothing" 

"Camoflage Clothing"

"Ice Trolls" & "Catapult Attack" & "Ice Plains"

"Ice Trolls" & "Catapult Attack" & "Ice Plains" (Extended)

"Ice Troll"

"Ice Troll" (Extended)

"Paper Golem"

"Paper Golem" (Extended) 

"Sky Demon" & "Shadow Knight"

"Sky Demon" & "Shadow Knight" (Extended - light version)

 "Shadow Drake"


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Here's yet another batch of 10 more 30 min spitpaints, with one further pushed to the 1hour mark. Also included with this bunch are some screenshot studies of varying length since without study the progress had already seemed to be hitting a plateau:

"Mushroom Magician"

"Robotically Enhanced Anti-Hero"

"Demon Dog" (1)

 "Demon Dog" (2)

 "Dragon's Lair"

 "Dragon's Lair" (1 hour version) 

"Desert Trek"

"Medusa Shield"

 "Snake Demon"

"Wolf Guard"

"Sand Worm"

and the screenshot studies: