Monday, 26 May 2014

It's been a while. I've been exceptionally busy with college work since the last post. At least this time I managed to do something other than spitpaints between updates. Having been blown away by the amazing talent on display in the virtual plein air facebook group I said I'd give it a go myself. So alongside the usual 30 min spitpaints here, I'm also uploading the results of my virtual plein air efforts, each taking roughly 2.5 hours working from a google streetview screenshot or google earth view:

"Back from the dead for revenge"

"Crystal Knight"

"Dark Walker"

"Crocodile Hunter"

"The return of the mad cat"

"Man in the shadows"

"Moon Wars"

"Public Execution"

"Tower above the slums"

"Witch trial"

Virtual plain Airs: