Sunday, 29 June 2014

Here's the latest batch of spitpaints. I couldn't resist the opportunity to make some Dark Souls fanart out of some topics. Praise the sun!

"Soldier of the Sun" 

PRAISE THE SUN! (sorry!) 

"Soldier of the Sun"  process

"Soldier of the Sun"  & "Hammer of Destruction"

"Gun Arm"

"Soldier of the Sun"


"Queen of Whispers"

"Radioactive Men" 

"Preparing for takeoff"

"Underwater Runner"

"Water Summon"

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Back to normal with this update; ten spitpaints. I've been blown away by the attention some of these have received and am both grateful and honored by that.

Here's the aforementioned spitpaints, some of which were developed further, and as requested on facebook, I've included step by step progress of some also. Each painting took 30minutes unless otherwise specified:

"Sun Demon"

"Anaconda Shaman" (90 minute version)

"Anaconda Shaman" (30 minute version)

"Death Touch" (60 minute version)

"Death Touch" (30 minute version)

"Crow God"

"Pike Formation"

"Fish Bird Man"

"Poseidon of the Red Sea"

"Salvage Mech" 


"Spikes of Death"

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Last week saw the end of semester two of college, the CCAE summer show and the beginning of a well earned weel off from architecture. Long overdue. I think I made the most of it, plugged into either Dark Souls 2 or photoshop... As a result, as well as the usual quota of 10 spitpaints per blog update, I also took the chance to take part in other facebook-group orientated art activities, namely super speedpainting funtimes and virtual plein air:


"Snow Storm"

"Magic Sword"

"Gunhead Soldier" (1)
"Gunhead Soldier" (2)


"Scifi Zorro" 
"Scifi Zorro" (after some extra rendering polish)

"The Summoner"

"The Summoner" (many hours later)

"Unholy Strength"

"White Armour Giant Knight"

"White Death"

Speedpaints (~1hr often with some phototextures for added speed)

"Iron Vampire"

"Nazi Mech"

"Shadow Order" 

"The Unstoppable Corpse"

...and to round things off, a virtual plein air from earlier today: