Sunday, 27 July 2014

Spitpaints number 221-230. As always, topics selected from those uploaded daily to the facebook group "Daily Spitpaint". Each painting done within the time limit of 30 minutes:

"Iron Man Professor X"

"Dynamic Duo"

"Black eyes"

"Dracula Lurking"

"Halo Temple Guard"

"Strange Frozen Pillars"

"Marsh Predator"

"Medieval Village"

"Spark Spray"

"Entangled Creature"

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Spitpaintings no. 211-220. Tried mixing things up a bit with a rethink on the brushes I use, and experimenting more with texture also. I've also included some step by step images, as requested by some other members of the daily spitpaint group:

"Volcano Entrance"

"Bird Rider" (1)

"Bird Rider" (1) steps

"Bird Rider" (2)

"Bird Rider" (2) steps

"Pyro Titan"

"Gargoyle coming to life"

"Pyro Titan" (2)


"Smoker" steps

"Lone Surviving Warrior"

"Zombie Dinosaur" & "Bird Rider"

"Arabian Lamp"

Sunday, 13 July 2014

More of the same with this update, the latest 10 spitpaints (#201-210!). Just a quick reminder that a painting referred to as a spitpaint conforms to a time limit of 30 minutes, as per the rules of the Daily Spitpaint Facebook group, the topics of which these were inspired by. All done in photoshop (CS5) with a Wacom Intuous 3.

On to the content! This update includes some unintentional World of Warcraft fanart, and some very intentional Dark Souls 2 fanart!:

"Explosion in the snow" (1)

"Mounted Samurai"

"Burning Tree"

"Three wings"

"Dark Goblin Forest"

"Dragon Leather Armour"

"Firefly Light" (1)

"Firefly Light" (2)

"Explosion in the snow" (2)

"Tri face"

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Two milestones in one here. Not only is this the 100th post on this blog but also presents the 200th spitpaint! Anyway, as usual, heres the latest ten of these 30 minute paintings, as well as a compilation of the last 50. I must say it's really great to see these coming together, the volume means I can see some improvement along the way (if we disregard those experiments that didn't turn out as well as the others!).

Where possible I've begun to address some issues I've noticed arising in my work, notably sloppy brushwork and edges, and my constant battle with depth. In an effort to work on the sloppiness I mentioned, I've been trying to work some mechs into the themes, since some hard surface rendering should encourage tighter brushwork (plus it couldn't hurt to phase out the endless Dark Souls fan service!).

Edit: I'd like to apologise about the unnecessary amount of super saturated blue and orange in this post, as mentioned before, experiments...

 "Broken Highway"

"Dark Elf"


"Polygonal Armour"


"Fiery Sword"

 "Fiery Sword" & "Dark Elf"

"Flooded Room"

 "Obsidian Sphinx"

"Holy Crusader"

Spitpaints 150-200!