Sunday, 13 July 2014

More of the same with this update, the latest 10 spitpaints (#201-210!). Just a quick reminder that a painting referred to as a spitpaint conforms to a time limit of 30 minutes, as per the rules of the Daily Spitpaint Facebook group, the topics of which these were inspired by. All done in photoshop (CS5) with a Wacom Intuous 3.

On to the content! This update includes some unintentional World of Warcraft fanart, and some very intentional Dark Souls 2 fanart!:

"Explosion in the snow" (1)

"Mounted Samurai"

"Burning Tree"

"Three wings"

"Dark Goblin Forest"

"Dragon Leather Armour"

"Firefly Light" (1)

"Firefly Light" (2)

"Explosion in the snow" (2)

"Tri face"

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