Monday, 25 August 2014

Spit paints 261-270. Pushed for four takes on the one topic today, hence the quick turnaround in the update!:

"Fire Sorceress"

"Gothic Vampire Hunter"

"Psychic Warrior"

"Shadow Assassin"

"Backpacker on an alien planet"

"Skeleton Lord" / "Hammertime"

"Skeleton Lord"

"Skeleton Lord"

"Skeleton Lord" / "Hammertime"

"Gothic Vampire Hunter"

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Spitpaints number 251-260!:

"Blood Power"

 "Glowing Hot Weapon"
"Entering the spirit realm"

"Fire Sorceress"

"Rapidfire Cavalier"

"Skinless Horror"

"Snow Struggle"

"White Crow" (1)

"White Crow" (2)

"White Crow" (3)

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Just finished my 250th spitpaint, and since 250 is a multiple of ten, that can only mean a blog update! I've been busy again with college work so it's only spitpaints in this update, and of course the obligatory 50 spitpaint compilation:

 "Black Cliffs"

"Glowing Hot Weapon"

"Ark in the flood" / "Cowboy Bounty Hunter"

"Heart of the forest"

"Lava Falls"

"Mysterious Silhouette dancing on the lake"

"Spider rider"

"Tentacled Shadow Creature"

"World Creator"

"World Creator"

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ten more spitpaints means it's time for an update. Fortunately since the last update I've actually managed to do something else than just spitpaints. I'm sure this blog was getting a little tedious otherwise...

Spitpaints (30 minutes):

"Blood Draining War Hammer"

"Chainsaw Man" 

"Disintegration Spell"

"The Ice Dragons Cave"

"Mind Bend"

"Mech breaking through wall" 

"Giant Pauldron"

"Storm Generator"

"Snowy Mountain"

"Entangled in Vines"

Speedpaints (50 - 60 minutes):

"Fanart" (Dark Souls 2 cinematic study)

"Norns" (photobashing experiment)

Virtual Plein Airs: