Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ten more spitpaints means it's time for an update. Fortunately since the last update I've actually managed to do something else than just spitpaints. I'm sure this blog was getting a little tedious otherwise...

Spitpaints (30 minutes):

"Blood Draining War Hammer"

"Chainsaw Man" 

"Disintegration Spell"

"The Ice Dragons Cave"

"Mind Bend"

"Mech breaking through wall" 

"Giant Pauldron"

"Storm Generator"

"Snowy Mountain"

"Entangled in Vines"

Speedpaints (50 - 60 minutes):

"Fanart" (Dark Souls 2 cinematic study)

"Norns" (photobashing experiment)

Virtual Plein Airs:

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