Sunday, 28 September 2014

Here's the latest batch of 30 minute speedpaintings, some step by step processes, plus a somewhat longer timed photostudy:

"Two Brains"

"Man Eating Jungle" 1

"Man Eating Jungle" 2

(Wasp)"Paper Man"

"Red Sky"


"Soul Abduction" 1

"Soul Abduction" 1 steps

"Soul Abduction" 2

"Soul Abduction" 2 steps

"Cyclops Unicorn"

"Water Fight"

and a photostudy (not timed)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

300 spitpaints! Three takes on todays topic brought the tally up to 300. I had hoped to have more in this update, however there was still the organisation of the end of year exhibition to sort out for college. I did manage to get a few extra studies done:

Spitpaints (30 minutes each):

"Warrior Fairy"

"Fire Hair" 1

"Fire Hair" 2

"Fire Hair" 2 steps 

"Magma Dragon" 1

"Magma Dragon" 2

"Magma Dragon" 3


"Swordmasters Exercise" / "Blue Flame Power"

"Swordmasters Exercise" / "Blue Flame Power" steps

"Triangle Robot"

"Valkyrie Statue"

Studies (varying timeframes):

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ten spitpaints and one virtual plein air. Finally made a start at branching out from spitpainting alone with a 90 minute google earth study today:

"Cloud Creature"

"Fairy Warrior" 1

"Fairy Warrior" 2

"Hell Guard Defenders" 1

"Hell Guard Defenders" 2

"Hell Guard Defenders" 3

"Jungle Cat"

"Masked Monk"

"Roar" 1

"Roar" 2

Here's today's virtual plein air, a cloudscape from somewhere outside Brazil:

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

It's been a while since the last post, college work had to take over towards the end of the semester. Alas, as of last week I finished my Masters in Architecture! (once I get things better curated / recorded I'll be sure to upload some of my architecture work here also). So that means you can expect to see a lot more activity on this blog from now on. To start things off, here's the latest batch of spitpaints:

"Abyssal Horror"

"Abyssal Horror" 2

"Blood Armour"

"Crow Lord" 1

"Crow Lord" 1 steps

"Crow Lord" 2

"Crow Lord" 2 steps

"Crow Lord" 3

"Flying Monkey"

"Masked Monk"

"Robot Police"

"Robot Mermaid"