Monday, 24 November 2014

Another 10 spitpaint update, I had some other pieces I intended to upload with these but I want to add a little more polish before posting here. Anyway, please find attached ten spitpaints as per usual, 30 minutes each, based on titles set daily on the Daily Spitpaint facebook group:

"Beserker" (1)

"Beserker" (2)

"Altar of gods" (1)

"Altar of gods" (2)

"Ash Storm"

"Healing touch" (1)

"Healing touch" (2)


"Dragon nest"

"Power sword"

Monday, 17 November 2014

Time for another spitpaint roundup. For some reason I seemed to be fighting each and every one of these, need to practicc and study more.

"King Arthur"

"Rebuilding an old machine"


"Dark Fairy"

"Dragon Tower"


"Iron Fist"

"The Kings Visit"

"Spaceship crashing into the sea"

"Sun King"

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Continuing with the usual formula of hit 10 spitpaints and update my blog, here's the latest post. This time though I managed to do some more in the meantime.

Here's an illustration I recently completed, which started as a 30 minute speedpaint, but as you can see I chose to work on it a lot longer!. 

Here's a still life I never completed, but I still feel it was a good exercise. I really need to get back into doing still life studies:

Also, an Interstellar inspired digital sketch, with a bit of photo overlay to get some interesting texture in the landscape, since "photobashing" is something I'd like to get into:

....and the usual spitpaints. As always, these are done with a 30 minute time limit, based on topics suggested daily on the "Daily Spitpaint" facebook group.:

"Heavy Luggage"

"Laser Weapon"

"Fire Archer"

"Fire Archer"

"Giant Lily Pads"

"Ogre Warrior"

"Giant Spider on the roof"

"Shark Skeleton"

"Steampunk Hat"

"Too Much Muscle"

Sunday, 2 November 2014

....and we're back. Since my last update I've graduated from my Masters in Architecture, and have now to figure out what happens next. Also, since my last update (although I had been expecting it for some time now) the laptop the got me through college finally died. I've since upgraded and tonight have resumed my daily speedpainting exercises, as well as other art study. To that end I've just resumed progress on "upgrading" some of my better spitpaints to finished illustrations.

Fortunately my now old machine died during October, or rather INKtober, so I managed to ink my way through a digital hiatus. You can check out my efforts at my instagram account:

Here's the regular upload of spitpaintings, including a speedpainting of Nosferatu / Dracula which got featured on the #Sketch_Dailies website!

"Barbarian Queen"

"Dracula" (Nosferatu)

"Camel Rider"



"Fists of fury"

"Ghost King"

"Ghost King"


"Orc Warlord"