Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Continuing with the usual formula of hit 10 spitpaints and update my blog, here's the latest post. This time though I managed to do some more in the meantime.

Here's an illustration I recently completed, which started as a 30 minute speedpaint, but as you can see I chose to work on it a lot longer!. 

Here's a still life I never completed, but I still feel it was a good exercise. I really need to get back into doing still life studies:

Also, an Interstellar inspired digital sketch, with a bit of photo overlay to get some interesting texture in the landscape, since "photobashing" is something I'd like to get into:

....and the usual spitpaints. As always, these are done with a 30 minute time limit, based on topics suggested daily on the "Daily Spitpaint" facebook group.:

"Heavy Luggage"

"Laser Weapon"

"Fire Archer"

"Fire Archer"

"Giant Lily Pads"

"Ogre Warrior"

"Giant Spider on the roof"

"Shark Skeleton"

"Steampunk Hat"

"Too Much Muscle"

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