Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Belated seasonal greetings! As per usual, here's the routine ten 30 minutes speedpaintings, plus for the season that's in it, a longer painting of Santa as some sort of Northern Barbarian Warlord. It was pretty safe to assume the Christmas eve topics would include something Santa related so I started painting, saved a copy after 30 minutes, and continued for a few more hours to complete the illustration.

Here's a close up at 100% zoom.


"The Albino Deer"

"Master of Birds"

"Metal Skeleton"

"Legendary Mount"

"Mechanical Bat" 

"Santa gone wild" (the 30 minutes point of the illustration, the given topic turned out to be quite fitting!)

"Bionic Raptor" 

"Swamp Necromancer"

"Metal Skeleton"


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Here's the latest batch of 30 minute speedpaintings.

"Dragon Girl"

"Spark Tech Dwarf"

"Earth King"

"Elemental Golem"

"Elemental Golem"

"Ritual Burning"

"Rogue Archer"

"Steampunk Dragon"

"Space Pirate"

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A bit of a bigger update now. I took part in the Brainstorm group Challenge 14 on facebook, with the brief of redesigning a character or environment from the Marvel Iron Man universe, in the genre of steampunk. I began by making a redesign of Iron Man, but quickly decided to tear it apart and rebuild it as Warmachine:

Of course here's the usual spitpaints:

"Bioluminescent Creature" aka "Hey... Listen!"

(80 minute version of same)

Process steps

"Elemental Golem"

"Viking Woman"

"Viking Woman"


"Big Arm"


...and some variants based for Dark Souls fans:

"Crystal Garden"

"Winged Centaur"

"Big Arm" / "Monster Dissection" / "Dungeon Crawler" (grouped these as a Bloodborne fanart)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sorry for the delay in this update, I wanted to wait for 15 spitpaints, which would make 365!! A year of spitpainting. Back when I started doing these I aimed for ten. After that, the next goal was thirty, since I seem to remember reading somewhere that it takes a month of dedication to make something a habit... I quickly forgot about that challenge!

I made some screengrabs of my spitpaint folder to look at the development, these are in chronological order, with the most recent at the end (apologies for the massive files):

Back to the usual format for the most recent fifteen:

"Treasure Keeper"

"Spider Coccoon" 

"Treasure Keeper"

"Burning Ship"


"Red Waterfalls"

"Wendigo" & "Foggy Lake"

"Glacier Lord"

"Bone Collector"

"Ice Elf"

"Ice Elf"

"Glacier Lord"

"Glacier Lord"

"Porco Nero" & "Burning Ship"

"Red Waterfalls"