Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A bit of a bigger update now. I took part in the Brainstorm group Challenge 14 on facebook, with the brief of redesigning a character or environment from the Marvel Iron Man universe, in the genre of steampunk. I began by making a redesign of Iron Man, but quickly decided to tear it apart and rebuild it as Warmachine:

Of course here's the usual spitpaints:

"Bioluminescent Creature" aka "Hey... Listen!"

(80 minute version of same)

Process steps

"Elemental Golem"

"Viking Woman"

"Viking Woman"


"Big Arm"


...and some variants based for Dark Souls fans:

"Crystal Garden"

"Winged Centaur"

"Big Arm" / "Monster Dissection" / "Dungeon Crawler" (grouped these as a Bloodborne fanart)

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