Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Belated seasonal greetings! As per usual, here's the routine ten 30 minutes speedpaintings, plus for the season that's in it, a longer painting of Santa as some sort of Northern Barbarian Warlord. It was pretty safe to assume the Christmas eve topics would include something Santa related so I started painting, saved a copy after 30 minutes, and continued for a few more hours to complete the illustration.

Here's a close up at 100% zoom.


"The Albino Deer"

"Master of Birds"

"Metal Skeleton"

"Legendary Mount"

"Mechanical Bat" 

"Santa gone wild" (the 30 minutes point of the illustration, the given topic turned out to be quite fitting!)

"Bionic Raptor" 

"Swamp Necromancer"

"Metal Skeleton"


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