Tuesday, 6 January 2015

More of the same... and something different. I've returned to portrait studies, which I haven't practiced in ages. However, rather than simply copy the photo I've attempted to edit elements for the composition and interest. I didn't exactly track the time but I believe this took around 3-4 hours.

As usual, here's the regular quota of ten, 30 minute speedpaintings based on topics from the "Daily Spitpaint" group:

"Dark Soul" & "Skeletal Wing" (shield)

"Merlin" & "Uprooted Tree"

"Merlin" & "Uprooted Tree" (2)

"Pharaoh's Chamber"

"Pharaoh's Chamber" process

"Pharaoh's Chamber" (guards)

"Pharaoh's Chamber" (guards) process

"Pharaoh's Chamber" (throne)

"Resurrection Spell" (still running with the undead pharaoh theme!)

"Resurrection Spell" (2)

"Dimensional Portal"


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