Saturday, 31 January 2015

Time for another update. It seems like it's been a while since the last post, I've been busy with some architecture stuff and otherwise I had been participating in the Star Wars Dark Side redesign challange for the Brainstorm Facebook group. The brief was simple enough, to redesign Darth Vader and/or Imperial Stormtroopers. Predictably I went for a dark fantasy version of Vader (which got an amazing reception of which I am extremely grateful), typically I got carried away and ended up redesigning my redesign... and finally I turned the Imperial Scout Trooper into a medieval/fantasy ranger:

Lord Vader


Lord Vader (alt)

Imperial Ranger in the Endorian Forest

Otherwise, here's the usual ten 30 minute speedpaintings. All done to topics suggested in the Daily Spitpaint facebook group. Some are messier than usual, put that down to experimenting. It doesn't always get the same reception, but often yields results later.. all part of the process since my origainal goal starting this was to explore more in photoshop, not always sticking to the same approach:


"Warpaint" 2

"Ice Dragon"

"Undead Angel"

"Female Knight"

"Medieval Troll Hunt"

"Mermaid Hunter"

"Retro Robot" / "Zepplein Explosion"

"Claws and Fangs" 1

"Claws and Fangs" 2

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