Saturday, 13 June 2015

Looks like I've forgotten to update the blog again! Just cleared a large number of files into their appropriate folders and realized an update is long overdue. As usual, it's a speedpaint dump:

"Blood Shaman"

"Blood Shaman" steps

"Forest in Flames"

"Forest in Flames" 2 

"Captive Mermaid"

"Endless Graveyard"

"Endless Graveyard" 2

"Endless Graveyard" 3


"Megawolf" 2

"Midnight elves"

"Olaf the Challenger"

"Pirates nest"

"Pimp my ride"

"Pimp my ride" 2

"Slime Beast"

"Witches ruins"

"White Spider"

"White Spider" 2


"Shapeshifter" 2