Thursday, 30 July 2015

Oops, seems I forgot I have a blog.... too much to add in one update so I'll make a start with this post.

Firstly, here's a mashup of Mad Max and League of Legends I like to call "MAD SIX":

.. and the usual speedpainting dump. All 30 minutes each:

"Blood shaman"

"Armoured bikes" 


"Fire boat"

"Purple flowers"

"Gambling gods"

"Golden tattoos"

"Golden tattoos" 2

"Iron shield"

"Mountain breakers"

"Mountain breakers" 2

"Olaf the barbarian"

"Elf queen"

"Era of dragons"

"Fox spirit"

"Robot butler"

"The last mammoth"

"The last mammoth" 2

"Scifi police"

"Witch house"

1 comment:

  1. Excellent work I wouldlove to have you draw me a tattoo..
    A Viking Warrior Viking his face and hands arms half skeleton and half flesh... the skin Tattering in the breeze